Daphne, an AI Chatbot, can be found at DYPA site!

DYPA, in the context of its services’ digitization and in the effort of creating new and innovative channels of communication with the trading citizens and companies, is now implemented on its website, Daphne!

Daphne is a specially designed AI chatbot, based on modern Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing. By entering the website of the Organization, the user can submit written questions in free text and automated answers are provided, continuously, on a 24-hour basis. The issues that Daphne covers are the ones that fall within the competence of DYPA.

Daphne interacts with the user by understanding and answering the questions that are posed and thus enhances the sense of direct communication with the Organization. A common feature of the services provided is the provision of short and accurate answers to specific questions of the user. The expected benefits of the project are: a)to more people, in terms of providing targeted information during and out of service hours b)to increase the degree of satisfaction of people by the Organization.

Also, Daphne will be able to access any information needed, offering quick answers to the user. When Daphne is unable to give a short and apt answer, she will be able to suggest possible next steps to the user.

MEMORANDUM team continues to develop Daphne and give her the knowledge that every organization wants, so that it can offer the best possible service!

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