6 Predictions About Cybersecurity Challenges In 2024 (FORBES)

Cybersecurity issues and challenges will continue to provide fodder next year for crisis-related situations for companies, organizations, and governments. That’s according to the observations and predictions of cyber experts and observers. Uptick in Disruptive Hacktivism “Everyone should be prepared for global activity around the myriad major events being held throughout 2024, including the U.S., European Parliament and other elections, as well as the Summer Olympics in Paris,” according to Google Cloud’s Cybersecurity Forecast report for 2024, “Additionally, as major global conflicts continue into next year, be prepared for an uptick in disruptive hacktivism. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, sometimes in new and unexpected ways. Defenders, often with limited resources, have the monumental task of keeping up,” the report warns.