Penetration Testing, often abbreviated as “Pen Testing”, is a proactive approach to evaluating the security of an information system or network infrastructure. Memorandum’s Penetration Testing services is not just a security measure; it’s your proactive shield against cyber-attacks. By simulating real-world attack scenarios, we meticulously uncover weaknesses in your defenses, providing you with actionable insights […]


Incident response (IR) is a structured process with a primary objective of identifying, containing, eradicating, recovering from, and learning from security incidents. It involves a coordinated effort of people, processes, and technologies to minimize damage, restore normal operations, and prevent future incidents. This ongoing and iterative process must adapt to the evolving threat landscape. Effective […]


Memorandum designed a machine learning service to protect customers from credit card fraud. Having access to past transactional data, we created an advanced behavioral model, offering us a pattern of transactions for every customer. Using the pattern as a reference we assess with great accuracy if a transaction at any given time is done by […]


MEMORANDUM created, DARK ANGEL a service certified by Elevate Greece, to collect, analyze, and evaluate data of your organization from various sources. This unique system allows us to combine multiple layers of information and to identify critical threats (private data leakages), by constantly browsing for leaked information in search of your organization’s emails and domains […]


Adversary Simulation is one of the most complete solutions to assess your organization’s readiness and security controls. The goal of such an exercise is to identify weaknesses in an organization’s defenses before malicious attackers can exploit them. By emulating the actions of adversaries, Memorandum team can identify vulnerabilities and weak links in the Organization’s environment […]